Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitchen Reno OR How Many Times Will We Be Spotted at the Legacy Diner in February?

We ordered our kitchen cabinets this weekend and in three short weeks, we'll begin the renovation. My mother reminds me that most people never get to tear out and rebuild their kitchen so I need to really let myself be Bobby Trendy luxurious about it. I guess. These are our cabinets, although two of our kitchens could probably fit into this one with elbow room.

The paint color is a bit more grey than it appears here. It's called hazel. It reminded me first of the focal wall at the Pop Shop and then really of my own dining room. What can I say....I know what I like.

My favorite part is the backsplash, which is this style, but a bit lighter than shown here. I had to put up my dukes for this one...it was so worth it.

Care to join us next month at the Legacy?



Brooke said...

Bobby Trendy? Memories.

Everything is beautiful. Good luck! But I really prefer the Collingswood Diner over Legacy. Maybe I need to give it another try.

Miss Todd said...

We just went to the WESTMONT family restaurant on Haddon Ave. Don't let the name fool you..it's totally a diner...and it is INCREDIBLE!