Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Celebration...(???)

Some blue things to celebrate the possible end of my baby blues:
A beautiful 'scape with lots of layers. Side note: Blue is rumored to decrease appetite. (Bonus!)
God I love a shoe with a bow.
An ode to Saturday.

I'm finally feeling like the baby blues haze is starting to peel away a bit, so why not celebrate. It's funny because it hit me in such a different way than I thought it would. I imagined myself feeling gray and living in a bathrobe with my hair in dreadlocks (if you knew me sophomore year of high school, you'd know that dreads are not a good look for me). This didn't happen. So far Amelia is a really easy going baby and she gives me a lot of time to get dressed in the morning. I make the bed every day. I let the dogs out. I've even found time to work on some necklaces. Instead of the self-centered blues that I was waiting for, my blues were directed outward toward everyone I knew. I felt sad for Amelia because I felt like she was growing up too fast and I wasn't savoring her enough. I felt badly for Dan when he had to go to work. I felt badly for James and Pete who had to readjust their lives. And when I say I felt badly....I was debilitating, often involved tears and left me very reckless. I'm still trying to power through it, but the edge is gone and I'm trying to savor this baby and he beautiful baby powers while she's still little. I'm also discovering that I have some things that I so desperately need to GET OVER!
1. Babies grow up. Stop getting mad when people tell you this or when they comment on how big Amelia is already.
2. People will talk baby talk and you must let them. After all, it's apparently good for them. Sigh.
3. The four days in the hospital will always be the best four days of my life. I need not try to top them for it will be impossible.
4. Most people don't know how to savor. That doesn't mean I shouldn't.

I hope your day is full of color...blues or otherwise.



Denise said...

I love you, Jes...and blue is my favorite color.

nicole s. said...

you're doing it right! <3

Jes! said...

<3 thanks guys