Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello on the Fly

Hello There!

I'm flying by to say hello and let you know that I'm doing great and could not enjoy my PTF experience any more than I am. I've also never been busier and I'm having quite the time with...time management. I'm thinking that Nicole was right in her efforts to introduce me to the word of pocket planners. l...I'm managing and may even go to the beach on Saturday...we'll see.

Here are some highlights from the week:
1. One of my students has created a habit of waving to me from different parts of the classroom.
2. Another student used something I taught her...CONTEXT CLUES. My heart sortof fluttered.
3. James caught 3, 3!!!!, treats when I threw them to him. This is a trick that we have been really practicing and our practice is starting to make perfect (especially when it comes to popcorn...his favorite medium).
4. Tomatoes...tons of the them...are growing in my backyard. It's amazing when things grow before your eyes. Especially when you can eat said things.
5. Mom found a dress to wear to the wedding, well, two dresses but we narrowed it down to one. She bought both. They're both incredible and she looks great in them. She's wearing the blue one to Jenn's wedding.

Happy Thunderstorm Thursday.


1 comment:

nicole s. said...

(holding a stiff upper lip re: your mom finding a dress)

i went digital planning - do you think that would be better? i don't know, you are a more visual than Pavlovian response sort of gal.