Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Soft Fruit

So far this week has been bitter sweet. While the summer school kids are in class until Friday, yesterday was our last day. We didn't tell them we were leaving until the end of the day after we threw them a pizza party. I have to admit, their reactions surprised me.

It was never my goal to be friends with my students and I went in with the idea that I wouldn't strive to be the most well-liked. Because of this, I imagined that the kids would be happy to see me go...I was harsh at times and I think I really challenged them. But they weren't happy to see me go. They said that they'd miss us and they seemed a little sad when we told them that we wouldn't be in class today. And I was sad too....I probably won't see any of them ever again and they all left such a mark. I'll never forget the first 5 kids I taught...not ever. But the sad is matched with happy. I realized that I made the right decision to join PTF. I've never felt such a mixture of emotions before nor have I ever felt this rewarded.

Funny how things work out.


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