Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, hey

The first week of "being an emergency teacher 101" flew by thanks to my Fellows Advisor Mary DeSalvo and a room full of the smartest people you will ever meet. Don't you just love being in a room filled with smarties? It reminded me of Mr. Gair's IMPACT classes in elementary school minus Mr. Gair, who always kindof fascinated and terrified me simultaneously.

It's hard to illustrate how much I admire my FA and I know I'm not alone. At the begining of the week, I wanted to be as amazing of a teacher as Mary is and by the end, I just really wanted to be her. Like...actually BE her. Parisa felt the same way and did a little dance to symbolize her jumping into Mary's body. It commenced with a shoulder roll that made me laugh at inopportune times throughout the day. Like when I was in class, when I was driving home and when I was making Oreo truffles in the kitchen all alone.

My favorite part of the week was actually when we sat and wrote our first lesson plans. I loved every breathtakingly creative second of it, but pretended I didn't because the people around me were really scared by it...or maybe they were pretending too. Lesson Plan, I have learned, is the veritable cuss word in the biz. The biz of molding minds, that is. And I'm in know the rest.

The week ended, or shall I say is ending, with me eating creamed spinach out of a box (woah, South Beach) with Oreo under my fingernails...if you have tried my sister's recipe for Oreo truffles, you know how much it's worth it...and working on shoes so that I can do wedding stuff and head down the shore. To work on my freckles.

Oh...about the wedding. Of course I decided to design my own invitations (I know), and I'm getting custom hair fascinators for all of my maids made by a girl named Jessica who lives in Olympia. Just wait until you see these things. I'll abandon South Beach next week for the great tasting of 2009 and to celebrate myself after a week of summer school.

Wear Sunscreen and Be As Independent As Possible,

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nikks said...

Please let this bridesmaid know if he can be of any help. Like if you need someone to serenade you while you letterpress, or snuggle Pete one armed while stuffing envelopes with the other