Monday, September 6, 2010

The last hurray. Yeah, I said hurray.

I'm not going to lie. I'm sad that summer is ending, especially since this particular summer was nothing short of magical. I got really tan and lost 10 lbs! I saw parts of Maine that regular people don't get to see. I slept in. A lot. I made homemade ice cream in coffee cans (video will follow). I'm softening the blow today by making sun and strawflower bouquets from the flowers I grew from seed. I've been making these for friends and family in little juice glasses as they grow in, but I can't seem to keep pace with my two over zealous flower bushes.
These are miniature and starburst sunflowers. I would recommend growing these to lazy gardeners. I really just threw some seeds around and ignored them for most of the summer (watering twice to three times/week).
These straw flowers grew in the most beautiful colors. I have to admit, I thought they were weeds for most of the summer until they started to bud the second week of August. I'm saving the seeds from these and growing them EVERYWHERE next year. They're amazing.
You need to go and buy this issue. It's the kind of amazing that makes your hands shake and it'll get you so ready for the best day of the year. Plus, how awesome and beautiful is Martha on this cover. I mean, really.

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