Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stay Fierce

Despite the precautions I've taken...the double shot neti pot sessions, the endless amounts of sleep I've been forcing my body to perform and the various witchy pills that I've taken that claim that I'll jump higher, run faster, lose weight, gain sleep, lose bags under my eyes, roll around in a wheely chair with great enthusiasm all the while fighting things as ferocious as H1N1 (I know, no longer a stylish virus, so very passe), I'm overcome with something that is rendering me a bit helpless. So, while I drag my body around behind me for the next few days, I'll continue to weigh the purchase of a very stylish neti pot in some kind of school district-created decision making framework. That's just how we do things, us robots. (And really, just because we shove it up our nose doesn't mean it shouldn't be stylish.) Am I right?

Are you in the market for a calico neti pot too?

To Mystery Viruses and the Children that Harbor Them,

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