Friday, September 3, 2010

Swoon Fest 2010

I think I need a pill whenever I see a new beautiful hair fascinator like the one from above. I can't even get a hold of myself. This model's hair is just perfect too. I really want to be her and have beautiful red hair too! (Until I harken back to the red hair incident of 1998 wherein a box of red hair dye truly got the best of me.)
I love the idea of wearing a huge one on my lapel and I'm totally obsessing over emerson made lately and wishing I could afford one. Maybe someday.
And of course, there's the mighty Vinny and Vernelle, made by the beautiful Jessie out of antique millinery flowers. She made all of the hair doodles for me and my bridesmaids! Love her.
Last but not least are the fabric corsages that my high school fashion students made this spring. They were obsessed with this project and I saw them wearing them all over school. Some students that I didn't even know came to see me for private lessons on the art of fabric flowers. Loved it!

Love you too!
Hearts and Unicorns,


Brooke said...

That's Alison from A Fine Frenzy! She's adorable. I love They have a cute blog too.

I'm a link whore.

P.S Love the new look!

Miss Todd said...

She's adorable! Did you see that short film that she was in? I loved it.