Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling Thankful

I haven't been the greatest pregnant person. In fact, I have probably been one of the worst I can think of with all of the whining and complaining and utter denial. In fact, this whole time, I was certain that I would lose this baby despite what doctors told me each time, so I'm going to file the experience under self preservation. Done.

Today (I wrote this on Sunday), Dan came home from softball and was the happiest I've ever seen him. He is very excited to meet Amelia and, after much deliberation, decided to shave the beard he's been growing because he did think it would feel good against the baby's face. So sweet.

He took me to Honey's for lunch in Northern Liberties and it was a perfect day. If you haven't been there, you're totally missing out...they call it Southern Jewish food, which is the perfect combination of my sensibilities and Dan's heritage. You seriously can't order anything there that isn't amazing and it's also really inexpensive. I suggest the mac n cheese and the matzah ball soup. See...Southern Jewish. How can you even go wrong?

Dan has already picked out the shirt that he'd like to wear in the hospital for photos. He actually went out yesterday and bought it special. Man...I love that guy. I'm about to make one to wear that is inspired by a shirt that Nicole S. wore to my house on Friday. Let us be vain until we can be no more.


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nicole s. said...

lacy ladies who lunch <3 you and dan are the absolute cutest, what a lucky little girl amelia is. c'mon cookie, let's be born already!!