Friday, October 14, 2011

I Can Hear The Bells!

In my family, we like to pile on the big events like graduations, births and weddings and cram them all into tiny bits of time. It makes life more exciting I think. So, in the spirit of celebration, my sister is getting married on October 29. I seriously can't wait. This summer, she asked me to make thank you gifts for the moms that were inspired by the vintage brooch bouquet that she had made and what you see above is the final result---taken by my phone since I don't have a camera (gasp!). I made them using this tutorial from Fancy Pants Weddings. While I wouldn't say it was the easiest DIY I've ever embarked on, I can certainly say that it was one of the most fun.

I sourced the brooches from Ellis Antiques, Columbus Mart and I used a few of my great grandmother's that I had. I'm totally making these again in the future since it makes for a wonderful centerpiece that doesn't die, or in my case, result in ants crawling around your house---ants love dahlias! who knew!?

Happy Friday.



Denise said...

These are so pretty, and so unique!

Jes! said...

Thank you <3