Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Sweet Escapism

I made a deal with myself to blog at least once a day so I'm writing this Sunday afternoon and posting on Monday. Right now I'm most likely being induced. I'm terrified, but I won't tell anyone that beforehand because I HATE advice. Always have. So instead of thinking about it, I've decided to escape for a bit and set my house up in a nice way that will make me smile when I get home from the hospital beginning with a cute table scape. (Yes, I do realize that this will be the least of my worries, but just go with it for me.)

I LOVE a good table scape. To me, the tablecloth is a clean canvas for a beautiful story to be told. While preparing for my wedding, I kept going back to this look from Once Wed. I was literally obsessed with it for months, but at the time, I couldn't find a way to work it into my wedding with the budget at hand. So today, as I set the stage for a whirlwind adventure to begin, I used it as my main inspiration.
The result is obviously pared down, not outside and taken by my phone since I'm camera-less, but I think the colors come through well and I already have returned to the kitchen several times to look at it. It makes me so happy. I grew the dahlias and used some of the flowers from my anniversary bouquet to make the arrangement in the same jewel toned colors as my inspiration table. The vintage tablecloth is one of my proudest ebay finds and I layered it with cuttings from an old frayed quilt that my aunt gave me in hopes that I could rework it into something. I usually use them as pseudo doilies under things and there are a few under pumpkins on my front porch at the moment. (Apparently I'm 86 because I have a bad case of lace doily fever).

It's good to escape on to reality. Wish me luck.


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