Monday, October 3, 2011

Teeny Tiny Things-No it's not pregnancy related

I held my breath when I read about Emily Henderson's "I'm A Giant! Dollhouse Challenge" this morning here and straight from the source. I was so excited...until I realized I was holding my breath and I nearly passed out. Whoops.

I've been totally addicted to miniatures since I was a little kid and once of the highlights of my life was building my dollhouse with my mom. I even took a class to learn how to make a tiny wicker dog bed and a wicker bathroom waste basket from a certified (CERTIFIED!) dollhouse expert. I have to admit that I played with my dollhouse until I was way too old to admit I was playing with a dollhouse. Like, seriously, I think I was driving when I finally stopped...but I always decorated it for Christmas...even when I could drink legally. Whew...It feels good to admit that. Throughout this pregnancy I've toyed with the idea of making a dollhouse for Amelia, before realizing that it had nothing to do with Amelia. This challenge is making me feel tempted again, but luckily, the fact that I can barely bend over would make this project an impossibility so I'll sideline myself. For now.

Love, Jes

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