Friday, October 7, 2011

Farewell, Fringe and Frida

It was a tough week in our house with the passing of a family member. We were lucky to have been invited several days this week to say goodbye and we're currently working through a two-day funeral/memorial service, so we've been in a bit of a fog. Dan's uncle was a wonderful man and I'm happy we've been able to say goodbye in a big way. 39.5 weeks it's been pretty hard on the body. I'm secretly hoping that the experience is teaching Amelia the importance of family in utero. I don't think we'll have a hard time getting this idea through to her either way...but I digress.

Unless she's born before her Monday due date, I'm hoping to get back into the craft room this weekend to make some Spring 2012-inspired necklaces to add to the bunch for spring shows before I become a full-time mom. Here are a few inspiration pieces that, oddly enough, I had found myself wearing in the ridiculous dreams that I've been having. I know. Obsessed.

also...uhm...hi, Frida.

Happy Friday.


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